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Business Contract Hire

Exclusive Business Contract Hire Deals from Smart Vehicle Options

Does your company need vehicles for business purpose? Do you generally buy vehicles in cash, bank loan or through Hire Purchase system? Consider corporate business contract hire scheme at Smart Vehicle Options and get the best value for your money.

Considering major benefits, contract hire has become exceptionally popular in the U.K. It is a process whereby a company can hire a new vehicle for an agreed period of time, typically 12 to 60 months, in lieu of an all-inclusive monthly rental payment, which is generally lower than EMI paid for bank loan. Such contract price also includes insurance, registration and maintenance. The ownership of the vehicle remains with the contract hire agency and so does the liability. At the end of the contract term, the business can either hire a new car by giving away the old one, or extend the old contract.

Advantages of Business contract hire

    Business contract hire and car leasing comes with several advantages:

    ·        A choice of contract period – 12 to 60 months – that is ideal for your business requirements. We provide both long term lease and short term lease for business contract hire

    ·         Companies can use the vehicle without having to bear the hassles attached with ownership and maintenance. Car leasing also helps to avoid certain related risks that are generally borne by the owning company

    ·         For assets that depreciate in value over time, corporate business contract hire is the best solution

    ·         Minimum capital expenditure in terms of monthly rentals. Typically, the all-inclusive monthly payments are lower than EMIs paid to the bank for auto loan

    ·         Fixed rate of interest, unlike bank loans

    ·         Contract hire comes with optional GAP Insurance, maintenance package, breakdown rescue cover and replacement vehicle in case of breakdown

    ·         Improved tax benefits

    ·         Ability to exit the contract agreement at any time by paying a fixed termination fee

    Smart Vehicle Options offer cheap contract hire deals and attractive rates for long-term and short term lease.

    To get a free estimate, contact us today on 01274-770082 or email us at sales@mysvo.co.uk.

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